It is impossible to read the hundreds of design articles posted every day across the web. Do you ever wish, I dunno.. someone would just READ THEM TO YOU
At Design Standup, I've got you covered.
Hi, I'm Ryan (fellow UX designer, and your host). I've partnered with some of the top blogs in the design industry (Smashing Magazine, UX Collective, UX planet, and more) to deliver you top notch design articles in podcast form - for the FIRST TIME EVER! Join me every Tuesday and Thursday, as I read brief articles to you from your favorite bloggers. Topics include user experience, design systems, workflow, career growth, and more. 
Whether you're a seasoned design professional, or simply a design enthusiast, I am on a mission to grow your knowledge in all things digital design
Standup with me, and let's design a better world. 
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About the host
Hiya 👋 I’m your host, Ryan Stone
During normal business hours, you can find me designing the next generation of flight experiences at Expedia. Outside of work, I’m either hiking a mountain in the Pacific Northwest, taking landscape photos of said mountain, or logging a tasty new IPA.
I've worn many hats in my career- UX, UI, product, motion, research, content, etc, etc. My true passions lie in design systems, motion prototypes, data science, & deep thinking on user flow stuffs.
Head over to my personal website at www.RyanStoneDesign.com to learn 10 Fun Facts About Me.
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